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100% Natural - Vegan - Genderless

Parabens free / Sulfates free/ Silicones free

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Facial serum to reduce and eliminate acne. Apply only on the pimple




  • Natural salicylic acid
  • Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3)
  • Herbal complex, a combination of 7 plant extracts, traditionally used in Asia with a calming effect: green tea, centella, chamomile, licorice, rosemary, skullcap and Japanese knot
  • Aloe vera
  • Combined with Iris extract, zinc and Vitamin A, anti-inflammatory, astringent, antibacterial due to zinc and skin regenerator due to Vitamin A, it is specific for young skin


Salicylic acid of 100% natural origin, obtained from the natural essential oil of wintergreen (Gaultheria spp.)

It has keratolytic and comedolytic properties, and can also decrease sebum secretion.

Pure salicylic acid is used as an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, and is listed as a natural preservative.

It has exfoliating properties, is safe and effective for a large number of skin cosmetic purposes.


Vitamin B3 of guaranteed cosmetic grade, contains a maximum of 100 ppm of residual nicotinic acid, so that it is very well tolerated.

Improve imperfections:

  • Reduces the appearance of acne
  • Reduces sebum level

Skin resilience:

  • reinforces the skin barrier, stimulating ceramides and lipids in the stratum corneum thus increasing the key proteins involved in the skin barrier

Skin tone:

  • inhibition of melanosome transfer
  • rebalances uneven skin tone

Protection against environmental stress

  • promotes cellular energy production and repair
  • protects against damage from urban pollutants


  • stimulates collagen synthesis
  • improves the appearance of lines, wrinkles and skin elasticity

UV and Blue Light Protection:

  • reduces premature aging caused by UV rays and blue light


Synergistic combination of Iris extract, zinc and vitamin A. Acts on all causes of acne: anti-inflammatory action of Iris extract (inhibition of the release of pro-inflammatory fatty acids) and astringent effect, anti activity Zinc bactericide and skin regeneration with vitamin A. This product is specifically aimed at young skin, preventing the appearance of acne problems, while reducing all symptoms related to the imbalance of skin flora and metabolism lipid.


It works by restoring the skin's barrier function, hydrating, soothing and nourishing altered skin, improving its elasticity and softness. Deep regeneration of cells damaged by the effects of dehydration. Calms possible irritations and itching caused by dryness. Keeps skin firm, smooth and elastic for longer.

The Aloe Vera used is special because it offers a set of guarantees on the benefits of the product:

  • It has been tested and guaranteed to be biologically active.
  • Retains the effectiveness of the live plant, even after being harvested and processed.
  • It is the only one that quantifies and guarantees the retention of 10% of total polysaccharides (active ingredient) through its unique patented manufacturing process.
  • In addition, the efficiency has been improved by concentrating on the most active fraction of polysaccharides (molecular weight of 50,000 to 100,000 Daltons).

Importance of polysaccharides: the retention of medium-high molecular weight polysaccharides improves the biological activity of Aloe Vera gel.

Meets and even exceeds the standards established by the "International Aloe Science Council" (Certification Program for the determination of content and purity)


It is a unique combination of 7 natural plant extracts well known and traditionally used in Asia to obtain a fast and especially effective calming effect.

It is made up of centella, green tea, chamomile, liquorice, rosemary, skullcap and Japanese knot. This original blend has been shown to reduce extreme irritation in just 2 weeks, in a very powerful way.

  • Soothes the skin from irritation.
  • Reduces erythema and itching.
  • Reinforces the skin barrier through immunomodulation

How to use

Place with the roll on on the granite. It can be several times a day. It is not photosensitive, you can use it during the day and several times a day.

Has pollution blockers

Do not apply on the entire face because it is very strong

For whom

For all skin types. For all ages.

Designed with roll on to be practical for teenagers.

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