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Our history

Cosmética natural y vegana

The idea that motivates us is to look for natural products that take care of our skin, our body. They strike a perfect balance.
We focus on the skin and the problems you may have in order to achieve balanced and healthy skin. Our products are genderless, that is, for everyone, without distinction of gender. Here we talk about skins, we outline the needs and solutions so that you can find the product that works for your skin.
We are honest and transparent. We tell you all the ingredients and explain what each one is for.
At The Cool Skin we believe in long-term balance, starting with the incorporation of products compatible with our skin type into our care habits.

When we talk about natural ingredients, we are not only referring to their natural base, but also to their compatibility and ability to integrate with the active ingredients that the skin already has. Similarly, as important as the products we choose, are the ones we choose to avoid.

We believe in a world without labels. Our products are designed for our skin, regardless of gender. They are classified by needs and objectives.

The search for the right product for our skin type is not easy. But in all the products you will be able to see all its ingredients and with an explanation of its functions.

We carefully choose the materials of our product, container and its packaging, so that, in addition to preserving the content in the best way, they impact the environment as little as possible and are recyclable.


How it started

All part of a personal search for ingredients and products that are specific to my needs and those of my family.

Our skin changes over time, with the climate, with stress, with poor nutrition, pollution , with the use of harmful products and with many chemicals and a lot with hormonal changes; so a product that was recommended to me for a certain moment, was not the same one that I would need after a while.

I have had oily skin, combination skin, small pores, larger pores, sometimes dry skin on the cheeks, irritations and unfortunately allergies.

I have always liked cosmetics and have tried many treatments and products. I have come across many products that are said to be natural, organic, eco and that you have to be an expert to realize that they are not.

I decided to investigate, read, look for new products and decided to make a proposal from another point of view, from the need, that the product be more intuitive, that we can understand our skin and how that product will help us, that we can make decisions for ourselves ourselves that we are the ones in our skin every day.

Ana Giusti The Cool Skin

Propose NATURAL and VEGAN products, without synthetic chemical elements that leave residues on our skin in the long term.

It is not finding the magic product but the right product for that need. Make it a product that we can easily include in our routine.

The Cool Skin is the result of understanding that we are in a time of increased pollution, increased stress and that we have little time for everything in general. We look for concentrated formulas with the highest number of efficient active ingredients that can be combined to simplify our routines. Make it a pleasure to use the products and not a burden to understand what we need or follow 10 steps before going to sleep.

A very important issue, and I must thank my daughters and this new generation of educators, is that they are much more committed to the environment than their previous generations. They teach me day by day and they demand of me day by day, that is why we decided not only to pay attention to the products but also to the containers and packaging, which are respectful of the environment and is the minimum necessary for the product to arrive safely, no wrapping, no plastic, no extra paper.

The cool skin, fresh skin, cool skin.

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