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Well-aging ¿Qué es?

Well-aging What is it?

Luckily there are more and more terms that can define that time passes, that we must take care of ourselves and above all we must love ourselves.

Slow-aging, anti-aging or Well-aging


We hear, more frequently, the terms well-aging & slow-aging. What do they imply? What is the difference between well-aging and anti-aging?


I believe that we live in a society that is waking up to learn, to enjoy, to value and to care everyday for what we have and we want it tomake it even better.

We have ruined the planet so much, we have exposed ourselves to criticism of some canons of society that today we realize are not only not necessary but often abusive, disqualifying and excluding a society that should be united and learning to enjoy with quality the time we have on Earth.


The passage of time is what it is and the most important thing we must learn is to ACCEPT & LOVE ourselves. It seems like an unimportant term or, on the contrary, a very loaded term that makes us reflect and think: “Ha, as if it were easy!”

Well yes! We want our children not to discriminate, we have to start by not discriminating against ourselves and judging ourselves less.

Maybe I've gone a little too far from cosmetics but it all starts in our heads. Once we accept ourselves, we can understand what cosmetics are for and how to use them.

Anti-aging or well-aging cosmetics

The cosmetics anti-aging or well-aging they serve to hydrate, to provide vitamins, to provide substances that our body generates normally and at a certain age it begins to decrease. So cosmetics supply these substances causing us to delay the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, lack of elasticity, lack of collagen.


Wellaging is taking care of what our skin needs, the more natural it is, the better. We are a fan of 100% natural and vegan cosmetics, we take care of our skin and do not harm animals in its process.

It is about taking care of aesthetics as well as health and enjoying balanced and healthy skin. The passage of time is natural, it would be like prolong natural beauty? Yes, I like this idea.

 Taking care of ourselves from the inside, choosing the foods we eat and from the outside, choosing creams and serums that respect my skin and make it look healthier and more cared for.

So from now on you'll hear us talk more about slow-aging or of well-aging as a respectful way towards our skins and with ourselves.


We have 2 well-aging routines to offer you: Well-aging Day Routine or Well-aging Night Routine

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