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¿Qué es la cosmética Natural?

Natural Skincare - what is natural cosmetics?

The natural cosmetics is one that uses natural ingredients, of course! There are products that mention the percentage of natural ingredients and others that can say that their ingredients are 100% natural, that is natural! . We understand natural as opposed to synthetic chemical processes.

We are going to make a list from natural to chemically processed.

• Natural: all its ingredients are natural, that is to say, no process like honey fresh from the honeycombs or broken seeds.

• Natural Derivative: that has been physically intervened, for example oils, butter, etc. that may have gone through a filtering process, cold pressing, refining, distilling, etc. It comes into contact with other natural ingredients and a process is applied.

• Chemically processed: natural ingredients that have been chemically processed or changed in structure

• Lab-made ingredients: are those that are manufactured in laboratories to look like or act like ingredients that may be found in nature

• Synthetics: Ingredients that are manufactured in laboratories, are not considered natural, and may or may not be combined with natural ingredients. Example Parabens

Why do we increasingly choose products with natural ingredients?

There can be 2 clear answers, on the one hand we are becoming more aware of the world around us, we are having more information and knowing how to better choose what suits us.

So we choose products that are the least harmful to our body. On the other hand, natural products are better tolerated by all skin types, especially sensitive skin, and have considerable long-term results, that is, better hydration, healthier and nourished skin.

Many people also choose them because it goes with their values, with the feeling of going back to the origin of things, less is more and lowering unnecessary consumerism.

Slow Cosmetics. For those who prefer to invest in natural solutions that make them feel more connected to nature, more committed and more aware of what surrounds us.

What do we not use in 100% natural cosmetics?

We do not use ingredients derived from petroleum. Why would I want to use petroleum products on my skin? Formerly they were used a lot in cosmetics, every day more, they are being replaced by natural ingredients.

So, we look for products that, to thewith same or almost similar effects, use the least amount of chemical substances that leave residues on our skin.

We always have to ask ourselves what effects the products have on us in the long term. The excess of certain substances can produce changes in the type of skin, it can generate allergic reactions, redness, irritation, eczema and many of these symptoms may never return to zero but have come to stay.

What is Clean Cosmetics, Clean Beauty or Clean Cosmetics?

The Clean Beauty, is a term that we are going to see more and more frequently, and is used mostly to indicate that the products are “free of”, or “ without” as an example parabens free, sulfates free, silicones free, etc

A generalizing term has begun to be sought in Clean cosmetics to indicate products that do not produce irritations or are allergenic. But today there are so many names that we get confused.

Nobody wants to put toxics in cosmetics, of course. It is simply that there are some ingredients that can be more harmful to our skin or can give us reactions and there are also more natural alternative products that we can easily find on the market.

Soclean cosmetics is used to indicate

  • paraben-free
  • sulphate free
  • no artificial colors
  • no silicones
  • not genetically altered

Clean cosmetics does not imply natural cosmetics, organic cosmetics, vegan or bio cosmetics.

You can see other blog articles that explain them.

Natural cosmetics is:

  • for all skin types: oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, skin with pimples or blackheads, mature skin.
  • It is for all skin tones from very fair to very dark.

All skins must be cared for and nourished and we must take into account both internal, natural, genetic factors as well as external factors such as where we live, what life we ​​lead, what we eat, how much exercise we do, etc

Is natural cosmetics better than products that have synthetic chemicals?

We have not found studies that confirm this. There are natural ingredients that, if their amounts or exposures are not controlled, can give us allergies, for example. There are stabilizers or preservatives that are put into cosmetics to make them last longer.

Preservatives of natural origin exist and a product can be used over 1 year!

What can be guaranteed is that in natural cosmetics:

  • natural ingredients are used and no synthetic chemicals are involved. For the environment, the natural product is better
  • they are suitable for all skin types
  • Without a doubt, they provide nutrients to the skin and not chemicals

Note! When we talk about natural cosmetics, we talk about regulated, controlled and laboratory-verified cosmetics. We are not talking about homemade products that we cannot certify their origin or know how they have been handled.

We are talking about ingredients that have a control, a trace by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the United States) or by the CPNP in the European Union. These entities are the ones that keep track of the registered companies that must declare the ingredients of the products and the formulas of each one of them. In addition to forcing companies to carry out dermatological and clinical tests with people.

It is important that we learn to read the packaging and to be informed. Regulations require companies to provide all this information.

If it is a regulated company, it must have all this ingredient information on the packaging.

Natural cosmetics is here to stay and is going to be a great trend of the future!

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