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rayos UVA en la piel

The importance of the Sun for our skin

The vitamin that is produced with sunlight is vitamin D, essential for many aspects of our health, but mainly for the proper formation of bones.

The vitamin that is produced with sunlight is vitamin D, essential for many aspects of our health, but mainly for the proper formation of bones.

Being exposed to sunlight has many benefits such as:

  • improve your mood
  • enhance our sleep routine
  • relieve the stress

But like many other factors in our life it also has its cons, the ultraviolet light that sunlight emits can cause a lot of damage to our skin.

We can classify UV light into:

-Ultraviolet A (UVA)

They are those that affect the premature ageing of the skin. They are present throughout the day.

In the skin is where are the cells that contain melanin, a pigment that helps protect it, but these rays can seriously burn this thin layer reducing its elasticity and causing signs of premature ageing.

When we tan, what happens to our skin is that it is producing more melatonin and it darkens, but when it fades, it is because new skin cells move to the surface, leaving the others detached. Ultraviolet rays strongly penetrate our skin causing sunburn resulting in the death of our healthy skin cells

-Ultraviolet B (UVB)

They are what provide us with vitamin D. Professionals say that sunbathing for 15 minutes a day gives you all the vitamin D you need daily.

UVB stimulates the production of new melanin and we see this as a result in a tan that lasts longer, and in turn stimulates cells to produce an epidermis that will be thicker.

These rays fluctuate during the day, being most powerful at noon.

They also affect our skin, our DNA.

Beware of external factors that increase photosensitivity such as

Antibiotic, anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or high retinol creams.

How can we see the harmful factors of the Sun on the skin.

Premature ageing: spots, freckles that have emerged from excessive sun exposure, wrinkles. Being the least serious.

What we recommend to do to protect from the sun:

-Use a facial sunscreen every day. We can use creams that already incorporate sun protection factor or specific creams. We must always protect ourselves from the sun, not only in summer when we expose ourselves to it more frequently, but throughout the year even if we feel that we are not exposing ourselves to UV rays they always impact on our skin

-If we are going to sunbathe or be exposed for many hours, use a specific sunscreen for protection +50

-Use products that help us restore elasticity and hydration to our skin, moisturizing creams with hyaluronic acid, bio retinol, vitamins and aloe vera to reduce possible inflammations

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