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Cosmética Vegana

Vegan Skincare

Which ingredients are vegan?

What is vegan cosmetics?

Why do you hear so much?

What are the ingredients in cosmetics that are not in vegan cosmetics?

Vegan cosmetics include ingredients that come from the plant kingdom and not from the animal. It does not include ingredients from animals or those that may involve work or animal products such as milk.

Veganism is the care and respect for animals, this movement, this awareness, these thoughts whatever we want to see or call them, is becoming more and more important, larger and more and more significant. Veganism has reached many industries and it has also reached the cosmetic industry, called vegan cosmetics, in which it seeks to replace elements that can have the same effects but using plants instead of ingredients from the animal kingdom.

This is done for two reasons: to take care of animals and respect them and to reduce the polluting effects that we produce on the planet with ingredients that contain petroluem, for example.

There are many companies that use ingredients from the vegetable kingdom but to be a company that offers vegan products, they must not only be from the vegetable kingdom but also exclude those that involve the intervention of the animal kingdom, a very typical one is honey, we believe it is natural but this is NOT is vegan.

How do we know which ingredients are vegan?

The ingredients that can be found in cosmetics that are NOT vegan:

  • Honey and derivatives
  • Beeswax
  • Collagen*
  • Keratin
  • Hyaluronic acid*
  • Squalene* (from shark liver oil)
  • Lanolin
  • Stearic acid*
  • Silk
  • Snail slime
  • Milk proteins

Important!* There are some ingredients that can come from vegetable or animal origin such as collagen, squalene and hyaluronic acid, for example and that is why it is important to establish as a vegan product when all the ingredients come from plant origin. They can also come from the fermentation of bacteria.

Other ingredients have an alternative option, such as retinol, which comes from Vitamin A and its vegan option is bioretinol that comes from plants, with the same beneficial effects and without irritation to the skin.

And other ingredients do not have a vegan option, such as lanolin that comes from sheep's wool wax and is used in cosmetics for fluid retention, for greater hydration.

The development and production of genetically modified organisms (GMO) must not contain genetics or derivatives of substances from the animal kingdom.

VEGAN SKINCARE Vegan formulations are more tolerated by all skin types, even the most sensitive and even with allergies. There are more and more people with allergies and vegan cosmetics is a very good alternative to have a healthy and balanced skin.

A LONG LONG TIME AGO…Problems such as the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect and pollution problems that we are creating on our planet mean that we have an increasingly changing climate, that we have less territory, that we have less nature, that we are “DESTROYING the planet”. One of many ideas, was then born to take care of our planet, take care of our resources and preserve those that exist as intact as possible. It seeks to “go back”, it seeks to respect, it seeks not to continue destroying at the rate we are going.

We are having a society more and more aware of the environment and what surrounds us, of preserving life, places, vegetation, animals and above all, of what we can do to contribute to a better and healthier planet for the generations to come.

With regard to cosmetics, in the past, a cosmetic was sought to last a long time, to have certain smells, certain textures, to look or felt nice in your skin. Nowadays things have changed a lot, we are more conscious and more demanding with what we consume and with what we use.

Natural and vegan creams have more to do with an ethical issue, with a matter of belief that with efficiency, these creams are totally efficient, the textures can be varied, the smells could be soft or don´t have at all and the expiration date is less than previous creams, but, the efficiency can be the same and even in the case of sensitive skin it can even be better.

Does vegan cosmetics go through the Laboratories?

When we refer to vegan cosmetics in this blog, we are talking about controlled vegan cosmetics, that is to say, cosmetics created in laboratories with approvals and certifications from the European Union that indicate that they have passed a series of clinical and dermatological tests and that their ingredients have also been controlled and follow the same criteria.

It is important to differentiate that when we use products that go on our skin, we must do so with certain guarantees and assurances.

Natural products can also give us allergic reactions or skin irritations because they come from plants. That is why if they are ingredients and products that have been controlled and verified by laboratories, these irritations or allergies would not happen since the amounts, percentages allowed for the types of skin, etc. would be controlled. In other words, the necessary tests have already been done so that we can use the products and know that they will not harm us.

In the case of Europe, there is the CNPN, which is the European Cosmetics Notification Portal. All companies must inform the formulations and products in order to sell. They have all the companies and products in their databases. In the UK as a result of the Brexit, they have created a CPNS which is the Cosmetics Notification Portal that companies that want to sell in UK must register and send data on products and formulations.In other words, there are many controls regarding the safety of ingredients and products.


Companies, individuals or associations that promote, manufacture or produce vegan products also give importance to and are interested in preserving the environment. The idea is to use plants grown through sustainable and ecological agriculture and to succeed in replacing more and more all the ingredients in the animal kingdom with the vegetable.


    • Veganism Day: November 1. It has been established by the Vegan Society of the United Kingdom, celebrating the 50th anniversary of its creation.
  • LEGAL ISSUES To date, there is no international regulation that certifies the products that is valid throughout the world. There are several associations that can certify but manufacturers are not required to label the products.

    They are required to put the ingredients, INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) of the product. The ingredients should be put in order from highest to lowest quantity

  • CRUELTY FREE We must differentiate the term Cruelty Free, this means that tests are not done on animals.In Europe, the European Union has regulations that nowadays do not allow animal testing in cosmetics. In fact, it would not be necessary to put it on the products because since it is manufactured in the European Union, if they are registered companies and follow the appropriate quality controls, they are not allowed to test on animals. But, if the products were to be exported, there are countries that, not having it as mandatory, do not know that it is normative in Europe.
    There are other countries like China, which require companies to test on animals, so many large companies to work in China must pass animal test controls.


It is another term that is heard a lot today, especially in the United States. But what does he mean?

It has become fashionable and is used to say that the product does not contain sulphates, silicones, parabens, pesticides, petroleum products, synthetic fragrances and artificial colors.

Today we are going to find more and more companies that do tests on humans. We have done clinical and dermatological tests on people, so we would be “Tested on Humans” company.

The Cool Skin & vegan skincare

At The Cool Skin, we believe that it is not necessary to test on animals or use ingredients from the animal kingdom when we can find them in plants. We want a vegan cosmetic. We always look for ingredients, compositions and the best results for the care of our skin without harming others. We look for a respectful cosmetic.

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